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Dems to Taxpayer: Don’t forget to tip your waitress, folks…you’ve been great (unlike us)!

Before the one-party rule in congress ends in a few weeks, Democrats are attempting to do what Democrats do best: spit in the face of the American tax-payer.  It seems as if they realize the spend-happy show is almost over and so are looking to exit stage-left with one last shopping spree on our dime.

From today's National Review editorial:

The 1,924-page omnibus spending bill unveiled yesterday by Senate Democrats is the legislative equivalent of a middle finger, one that reminds us of how richly the Democrats deserved the shellacking visited upon them on Election Day. Rather than pass a simple “continuing resolution” to fund government operations through early 2011, Harry Reid & Co. decided to ignore the backlash against fiscal profligacy and let their pork barons run wild. The result is an orgy of earmarks, rolled out two weeks after most Senate Republicans and seven Senate Democrats voted for a temporary earmark moratorium.

Mind you, the only reason we need new legislation to keep the government financed beyond December 18 is that the feckless Democrats in Congress failed to enact even a single appropriations bill for the current fiscal year, which began in October. Considering the breadth of their lame-duck agenda — finalizing a tax-cut deal, ratifying the New START treaty, ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” approving the DREAM Act for illegal immigrants, launching a new health-care program for 9/11 workers, etc. — Democrats might have been expected to settle for a short-term continuing resolution instead of triggering yet another raucous, bare-knuckled spending fight. But earmark enthusiasts such as Hawaii Democrat Daniel Inouye (chairman of the mighty Senate Appropriations Committee) were apparently given carte blanche to pile on the bacon.

The scathing (and spot-on) editorial concludes:

Remember: This is a lame-duck Congress. Trying to enact such a bloated agenda — let alone a highly partisan one — within such a narrow post-election time frame insults the voters and shows utter disrespect for the democratic process. The omnibus is bad enough. The fact that Reid also wants to rush through debate on whether to ratify a deeply flawed arms-control pact and whether to change U.S. policy toward gay servicemen shows that he has no real interest in giving these issues their proper treatment. For reasons of timing and legitimacy, New START and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” should be the business of the next Congress.

If the Democrats are dead set on embarrassing themselves by ending the year in a blaze of ignominy, that’s their choice. But Republicans should oppose this travesty with all their might.

Sing it, sister!  I am appalled at what the Democrats (and sadly, a few pathetic "Republicans") are attempting to do here.  It feels like many in congress did not hear the American people this November.  This is all the more reason why I have been saying that we cannot let up or relent on the grass-roots level.  The Tea Parties, the town-hall meetings, the calls, the emails, and all the rest cannot just be "for show" every once in a while.  We must remain vigilant of those we lend power to.

And a little prayer now-and-then for your country never hurt nobody...

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