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Kill (jobs), baby, kill (jobs)

From The Heritage Foundation's blog this morning:

Randall Stilley has witnessed firsthand the Obama administration’s job-killing agenda. As the president and chief executive of Seahawk Drilling, he had to lay off 632 employees before filing for bankruptcy — a direct result of President Barack Obama’s anti-energy policies.

Stilley’s company owned and operated 20 shallow-water rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. The lack of energy production — a consequence of Obama’s drilling moratorium and subsequent “permitorium” — led to Seahawk’s demise. Now he’s speaking out, sharing Seahawk’s story in a new video from Heritage and the Institute for Energy Research.

Here's the video that goes along with Heritage's report:

Now I know I am often complaining about the way the Left uses human shields (aka sob stories) to tug at people's heart-strings so that they'll vote for them, and I realize that the guy in this video is one of those evil, greedy capitalists that we're all supposed to hate, but I'm posting this because it is a real-world example of the economics ramifications from the Obama administration's oil/drilling policies.

The fact of the matter is that progressive Democrats are against drilling and want "clean" energy to magically appear.  Oh, and they also want companies to invent it...but they also want to tax the companies that would invent better sources of energy to keep the size and scope of the federal government growing.  It's a vicious and nonsensical cycle.

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  1. I am not sure I would call Stilley a greedy capitalist. I think he was doing a service for our country in providing for the oil and gas it needs to operate on a daily basis. He deserves a paycheck for his efforts. And the Market is supposed to determine that–not government. What government did in this case is bankrupt Stilley’s business and perhaps even some of the people who worked for him. What a shame!

    I have heard Rush Limbaugh say that this administration wants to destroy the oil and gas industry. I was not sure I believed that totally. But stories like this tend to bolster Limbaugh’s credibility.
    Roy in Colorado

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