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We’re Bringing Bookclub/Back: Animal Farm

After a brief hiatus, the RJ Moeller Social Media Book Club is back with another short work of fiction to dissect, discuss and disseminate: George Orwell's classic Animal Farm!

Amazon.com has this to say about it:

According to its author, Animal Farm is a reflection of the events leading up to and including the Stalin era prior to the Second World War. It allegorizes the issues of the period and addresses such issues as corruption, ignorance, indifference and greed.

Animal Farm is one of those stories that everyone has heard of, most have read, and few actually analyze and contemplate when they are old enough to do so in a meaningful way. We're about that remedy that! We will be starting to read through the book so have at least Chapter 1 read by Wednesday, February 13th. You can buy a copy here, or read a free online version here. (Note: I'll also be reading through the book using The Copia e-reader with Daily Caller columnist Matt K. Lewis, which you can sign up for a free copy for right here!)

If you didn't join us on Great Divorce or Man Who Was Thursday, here are a few simple things to keep in mind about what we're doing:

  • The goal here is to get people reading and discussing meaningful and interesting stuff on social media sites (primarily Twitter, for our purposes). You don't have to be an expert and you can simply follow along if you'd like...but we'd LOVE to hear from you.
  • On Twitter, follow (and add to) the discussion by including the hash-tag #AnimalFarm in ANY Tweet you send out about the book. You can also find the on-going dialogue about it by typing that same thing into Twitter's search engine.
  • Participate when you can, and please Re-Tweet any quotes or comments from other people reading the book that you like. This helps spread the word across Twitter that Orwell's classic is being discussed.
  • Have fun with this!

If you're going to participate, I'd simply ask that you send a link to this very blog-post around to your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, etc. before next Wednesday so that we can reach as many people as possible.

Good luck, Godspeed, and see you on the interweb Tuesday.

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